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Deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearing
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Shanghai GLY Bearing (GLYB) Co., LTD is a new enterprise that develops, produces and sells high temperature bearings and special bearings. According to the characteristics of rolling bearings under various special working conditions and the actual needs of customers, our company has made great adjustments in material selection and technology, and has unique advantages in lubrication mode and treatment, which not only greatly extends the life of bearings, but also greatly saves costs.

Relying on the advantages of the bearing industry in China and relying on the concept of "honesty and trustworthiness, win-win cooperation and common development", the company constantly improves the brand quality, fully integrates the industry resources, strives for development by quality and strives for survival by reputation.

Products include: high speed bearing, high temperature bearing, low temperature bearing, anti-corrosion bearing, anti-magnetic bearing, anti-magnetic bearing, vacuum bearing, self-lubricating bearing, ceramic bearing.

Product temperature range: High temperature bearing: 120℃-1400℃

Low temperature bearing: -60℃

Extra-low temperature bearing: -190℃

Our products are widely used in mechanical equipment, iron and steel, metallurgy, kiln, motor, machine tools, textiles, mining machinery and other fields.

We have a professional technical team, before the sale, sale and after sale of any link will provide you with reliable comprehensive service. Looking forward to working with you to create more achievements, warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to visit our company, business negotiations.

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